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Pulmonary Function Testing Machine

My facility is upgrading to Windows 10, can I upgrade my spirometer’s computer?

This will depend on what version of KoKo software you have. You can look this up by clicking on “Help”, then “About” in the upper menu bar within your KoKo software. Please contact us with your KoKo software version and spirometer’s serial number and we can guide you.

Pulmonary Function Testing Machine

What consumables are required to use KoKo spirometers and PFT systems?

KoKo devices require a single-patient-use bacterial/viral filter. This prevents cross-contamination and works as a mouthpiece that can be disposed of after the patient has completed their testing. Additionally, you may purchase nose clips and rubber mouthpieces to minimize leaking through the nose and help patients create a tighter seal around their mouth during testing.

Pulmonary Function Testing Machine

What are the minimum computer requirements for KoKo Sx Spirometers?

KoKo Sx Version 7 Spirometers require computers with a minimum of 8 GB RAM, i5 processor 9th Gen or better, 250 GB SSD with 50 GB available, and Windows 10 Professional.

Pulmonary Function Testing Machine

How do I connect my KoKo device to my EMR?

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Pulmonary Function Testing Machine

What Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems do KoKo devices connect with?

KoKo devices can connect with virtually any HL7 compliant EMR. Our list of EMR implementations is constantly growing. Please contact us to find out the specifics regarding your EMR.

Pulmonary Function Testing Machine

What is the difference between KoKo Px 3000 and KoKo Px 4000N?

KoKo Px 4000N adds Airway Resistance and Specific Conductance testing along with the ability to measure Lung Volumes via plethysmography. It has a larger footprint than KoKo Px 3000 due to the addition of a plethysmograph (body box).