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COVID-19 Update: PFT Guidance


As you begin to open PFT labs and increase the amount of testing done in your facility, please take these COVID-19 recommendations into consideration. For additional information and guidance, refer to ATS’s recently published paper on restoring pulmonary services.

  • PFT Technicians should wear N-95 masks and other personal protective equipment per your institution’s protocol
  • We recommend the patient wear a surgical mask (to help minimize aerosolization as PFT induces cough in many patients) both before and immediately after PFT.
  • A new KoKo filter should be used with each patient. KoKo filters are designed for single patient use and efficiently capture sub-micron particles.
  • Allow 30 minutes between PFTs for the room air to ventilate before bringing in a new patient.
  • Between PFTs and while room air is ventilating, wipe down the PFT equipment and all surfaces with disinfectant. Be careful not to touch the mesh screen inside the Gemtach flow sensor.
  • At the end of the day follow the Gemtach cleaning instructions to disinfect the Gemtach and let dry overnight (minimum 12 hours).

The above guideline is offered for your consideration and implementation only in accordance with your institution’s protocols. These guidelines should be considered fluid and subject to revision. We sincerely hope you find this information useful as together we seek to serve patients better. We will provide updates as new information may evolve.

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