KoKo PFT Software

KoKo Decision presents all relevant clinical and diagnostic respiratory data together in one place for enhanced interpretations with high confidence of accuracy. And to maximize efficiency, the powerful KoKo Connect interface engine makes integrating with your EMR simple and straightforward.

Experience the total PFT software solution

Pulmonary Function Testing Software

Why KoKo PFT software?

KoKo software offers a seamless review, interpretation, and EMR interoperability. It easily produces and distributes the highest quality, ATS-compliant test results in your modern, connected practice.

Pulmonary Function Testing Software Workstations

With KoKo Decision, your test results and interpretations are on all of your workstations

KoKo Decision makes all of your clinical and diagnostic respiratory data easy to access from all of your workstations.

EMR Connection For Pulmonary Function Testing Software

KoKo Connect syncs your test results and interpretations with your EMR—automatically

From a single spirometer solution in your private practice to an enterprise solution with devices in multiple facilities, KoKo Connect interfaces with the world’s leading EMR/HIS systems in hours (not weeks!). And it does it all at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems.

KoKo PFT software delivers accurate data everywhere you need it—in a fraction of the time

Enhanced DATA.
Better accuracy.


Increased Efficiency


Streamline Access


Improve Results


Multi-source Data in One Location


Simplified Interpretation Workflow


Comprehensive Longitudinal Analysis

Improve Efficiency.
Reduce Costs.


User-Friendly Console


Easy To Maintain


Secure Access & Authentication


Share Patient Demographics


Optimized Order Routing


A Variety of Tools to Customize Your Workflow

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