Spirometry Reimbursement Calculator

Using the CPT codes and descriptions, insert values into the form below to calculate how much reimbursement for different spirometer test for both Medicare and outpatient insurance patients based on a typical weekly volume. Change the number for expected number of patients for either Medicare patients or outpatients to calculate how much your practice can earn from spirometry testing. For more information on spirometers, visit our product page!

Spirometry CPT Code

94010-Forced Vital Capacity & Expiratory Flow Rate

94060-Bronchodilator Responsive Test

94070-Bronchospasm Provocation Evaluation

94200-Maximum Breathing Capacity & Maximal Voluntary Ventilation

94375-Respiratory Flow Volume Loop

**Notice: The reimbursement rates in the table are based on the 2022 ATS Coding and Billing Guidelines. Click here to view.