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KoKo PFT and MAGNET GROUP Launch Three-Year Agreement


KoKo Pulmonary Function Testing Devices



Longmont, Colorado, March 21, 2022—KoKo, LLC and MAGNET GROUP, signed a three-year partnership contract through September 14, 2024. The agreement allows MAGNET GROUP members to now access to all KoKo’s “gold standard” respiratory and pulmonary function testing (PFT) products.

MAGNET GROUP members can now take advantage of the high-quality testing capabilities and features of KoKo’s lung function diagnostics and software for spirometry, diffusion capacity, and PFT. The KoKo Sx 1000 Spirometer, KoKo PX3000, and PX4000 PFT systems deliver accurate, quick, and user-friendly data to help physicians evaluate the respiratory functions of their patients.

“We are excited to partner with MAGNET GROUP over the next three years and be able to offer innovative technology and products in pulmonary and respiratory care to all members of MAGNET GROUP,” stated John Peterson, President, and CEO of KoKo, LLC.

Visit https://magnetgroup.comoko-llc/ for more information.


About KoKo, LLC.

Founded in May 2020, KoKo extends the legacy of medical technology companies that have been advancing respiratory science dating back to the Iron Lung in the 1930’s. Decades of innovation led us to being a leading respiratory information systems software developer and medical device manufacturer for high quality diagnostic PFT equipment. We do what we know best: respiratory.

By focusing solely on this, we designed our Spirometers and PFT devices to have the fastest results, lowest lifecycle cost, highest accuracy, and lowest resistance to enhance customer and patient experiences. Thanks to our many dealers, KoKo is proud to have a global footprint and provide unparalleled respiratory patient care in over 50 countries.

For more information, visit www.kokopft.com, or email us at [email protected].



MAGNET GROUP is one of the oldest and most experienced group purchasing organizations (GPO) in the country, serving approximately 9,000 members. Founded in 1979, MAGNET GROUP is “your other GPO” for simple secondary sourcing of capital and small medical equipment, facilities related products, select medical supplies, and various services. Participants include all varieties of healthcare providers and non-healthcare entities, such as municipalities and universities. MAGNET GROUP members choose from over 200 no-hassle GPO contracts –without volume compliance or bundled services issues – and never pay membership dues or fees.

For information about MAGNET GROUP contact Diane T. Mase, President, at [email protected].

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