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Device Life Expectancy & Limited Support


As an innovator in pulmonary function testing, our technology, and the technology around us, is always evolving and changing. Therefore, we would like to convey our expectations for the life of our products and software. We at KoKo LLC (formerly nSpire Health) have designed our deices and software around a 7-year life cycle and will offer support through service contracts and preventative maintenance through that time period.

Limited Support

Systems over 7 years old may still be supported at an hourly labor charge with additional cost for parts if all the following requirements are met (please note service and repairs are dependent on availability of necessary parts and software):

  • System operates on nSight v 6 SR4 or newer
  • System runs on Windows 7 or Windows 7

Discontinued Support

At this time, we have discontinued support for systems operating on the following software platforms:

  • nSight v 6 SR 3 or older
  • nSight v 5
  • Calibration of any syringe over 7 years old

These decisions have been made as a result of product analysis, availability of manufactured parts, and surrounding software support such as discontinuation of Microsoft Windows 7. These decisions are not the result of any findings of ineffectuality of our systems.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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John R. Peterson
KoKo CEO & President