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Belun Remote Monitoring for COVID-19 Patients


LONGMONT, COLORADO AND HONG KONG – June 5, 2020 – KoKo, LLC and Belun Technology Company Ltd announce the launch of the BLR-100C system for remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients.  KoKo, LLC is Belun’s authorized, FDA-registered distributor for the USA.

During these troubling times, Belun Technology has delivered an unparalleled solution to remotely monitor a patient’s vital signs within a hospital, nursing home or from the comfort of the patient’s home.  Belun’s Remote Monitoring Station tracks physiological parameters of multiple patients 24/7, freeing up essential resources and reducing the risk of medical and nursing home staff exposure to the virus.  The device consists of an FDA-cleared Belun Ring that measures the patient’s oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate, while a disposable probe monitors body temperature.  Data is transmitted to the Belun Remote Monitoring Station through a SIM card, cloud-based system with HIPAA secure AWS protocols and can be viewed on any web-enabled computer, tablet or cell phone.  Moreover, the device can be easily cleaned for unlimited re-use within the product’s estimated 3-year life cycle.

“We are very pleased to launch our BLR-100C system onto the USA health care market during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lydia Leung, CEO of Belun Technologies.   “Remote monitoring will free up essential resources and the need for frequent bedside visits to check on vitals, while home monitoring allows you to free up beds for more critical patients.”

“We are honored that Belun Technologies selected our company as its USA distributor for the BLR-100C system,” said John Peterson, President & CEO of KoKo, LLC.  “The BLR-100C system will provide our customers with another tool in their care of patients with a life threatening respiratory disease and will be an important addition to KoKo’s renown devices for testing and monitoring of lung function.”

Headquartered in Longmont, CO, KoKo, LLC provides the highest quality pulmonary function testing (PFT) products with fast reliable results designed to stand the test of time. KoKo is a global respiratory information systems software developer and medical device manufacturer: the exclusive provider of Iris™ Integrated Respiratory Information System and KoKo® PFT and spirometry devices.

Founded in 2016, Belun Technology Company is headquartered in Hong Kong. It was founded by a team of medical-device researchers with experience in AI, product development, and medical quality management. Working closely with medical experts in sleep medicine, cardiology, psychology, and psychiatry in US, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Belun Technology is dedicated to providing easy-to-use and evidence-based solutions for medical and healthcare applications.

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